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Monday, April 13, 2009

Planner...I AM NOT!

Have I mentioned lately how much I destest planning anything? I know, I know, one should always plan everything right?! Yeah, well that's totally not for me as even when I make plans I can never keep to them, so why waste the time to make them in the first place!

Well, here I sit after a month of not really having to make any plans. Helping take care of my precious grandbaby, be there for my kids, do photography shoots occassionally when the need arises and be wife to my Marine who graciously arrives Friday night each and every weekend. These things dont require planning, they just require the routine that is my life.

So, now that all the excitement has passed from the baby being born and all that goes with it, now comes the time I'm supposed to get back to my planning duties for Charity's wedding. UGH...why me? Why do I have to be the planner? Oh yeah...it's because we cant afford to hire one! Geesh, a million dollars would come in handy right about now!

Considering that this blessed event is only 10 weeks away I suppose I should really get off my duff and finish what I started, but ya know, I wanna be like the kids who say when they forget to finish what they started "well Mom, I just didnt think about it" yeah, that sounds like a good excuse right, because as we all know I should accept it from them, so why cant everyone accept it from me?!

Okay, well I guess I should get back to my lists to help with the planning...lets just hope I dont get sidetracked...wait....is that the phone ringing?