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Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Family Vacation...what's that???

Excitement is filling the air here in our house. Spring break is coming next week and everyone is giddy and talking about nothing else. Why is this spring break so exciting and different from all the others of the past in our family? Because, this spring break brings our first ever family vacation...the kids can talk about nothing else!

We head to Va. come Monday...our plans include a week of fun and education (yes, those two things can come hand in hand) the education part will be a visit to Colonial Williamsburg, Jamestown, Yorktown and possibly a visit to the Marine Corps Museum in Quantico Va. and the fun part will be a day long visit to Bush Gardens Europe.

Plans are being made by our children on what ride they will ride first, who will ride with who and how brave they can be for those huge rollercoasters at Bush Gardens. On the adult side of the spectrum plans are being made about how great Williamsburg will be, Jamestown and Yorktown...how our children will get to see first hand some of the history of our great country and how things worked back then. Then of course should be get to see the MC Museum that will be a great visit too as it will bring home the Marine Corps to our children who already hold great pride in the Corps (our oldest DD refuses to even acknowledge any other service than the Corps as she says "the Marine Corps is the best of the best...the few and proud") and what the Corps has stood for in the over 200 years they have exsisted!

I do believe this will be a great trip for us all, time spent as a family without having to worry about the daily grind of our lives back home...yeah...it will be a great family vacation for sure!!! My husband is especially excited as he's taking leave for the trip...leave usually means getting time off so he can work on something else we need to get done...it never exsists of leave for just some time off to relax...that man is a workaholic for sure!

In honor of our vacation I went out yesterday and took the plunge...I actually got my hair cut (my hair was way past my behind) got it styled and cut pretty short...boy was that a shocker to my family, but it was long needed and wow, do I feel better!!! Easier to take care of, and lighter on my head for sure :)

Spring is in the air and along with that the excitement of new life, new beginnings and new fun...our family is starting our spring with this vacation and for that I'm very thankful...from our family to yours may your spring break be as fun filled as I believe ours will be this year!!!

Happy Spring everyone!!!!