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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Come and Gone...

Well, Christmas has come and gone and to be quite honest I'm always glad when it does. Don't get me wrong I love Christmas more than anything, but to be frank, it's exhausting! The shopping, the running around and making sure each person on the list has equal amounts of goodies. Cooking, cleaning (more than I do on a normal daily basis, which in itself is quite enough believe me) the making sure all goes as planned and is monumentally special for all attending. It just seems every year I'm completely drained and need a vacation just to recover from the holidays.

So here I sit trying to "recover" with my headphones on listening to music and tuning out as much of the "noise" in this house as I possibly can. I've become quite a good "ignorer" as that is the only way I can have peace and quiet some days. Then again I think, what in the world would I do without all the noise and commotion happening here in this house, I know what I'd do, I'd go crazy without it. Lord help me when they all grow up and leave home to live their own lives, I'll probably be a basket case, but then again it might just be nice LOL :)

Today however was the beginning stages of this happening. Jim took Tyler to the Air Force recruiters office. Yes, a Marines son is going to join the Air Force (what is the world coming to?) anyway, he took the practice ASVAB test there and scored okay, but wants to do better, so some studying will be happening before he takes the real thing in a few weeks. He also needs to meet weight, since he's about 20lbs over the limit for his height according to the services. So, the next few weeks should be interesting as his quest to meet weight and study for the ASVAB will begin. He will be entering the delayed entry program until he graduates sometime this summer. So, the process has begun *sigh*

I find myself excited for him and then again saddened because I'm a Mom and that's what we do when our kids begin to really grow up and the fact they will be leaving soon slaps you in the face! I suppose though it was the same for our parents and they lives through it, so there is some hope for me. Of course Jim thinks I'm just a sap, but in the back of my mind I think, he says that now, but lets see his face when our boy is on that bus pulling away heading toward basic training in TX! He wont be so tough then I betcha!!

So, as the New Year approaches, so does changes within our lives. As it always does the changes seem so huge in proportion, but in reality I suppose it's only life and the paths we must go down in order to live it.

Saturday, December 20, 2008

More hours in the day...

I officially need more hours in the day, then again dont we all. I really do though...I have so much to do and so little time to do it. Things are just crazy and while I'm used to crazy (as that is my life) I really would love to be the "supermom" everyone seems to think I am and get it all done with little to no effort. Wow, what a thought or should I say dream!

So, lets see...what all do I have to do in the next few days. Okay, not only do I have my side of the family (my sister, nephew and his son) coming over Christmas eve to celebrate, I have Jim's oldest son (whom I've never met before....long story) flying in from KY for the holidays, I also have Jim's side of the family (his mother and her husband) coming over for Christmas day.

Sooooooooooooo I need to spit shine the house (because you know everyone is always looking and never takes into consideration there's 9 people living in this house) I need to cook for both days and still have to get the last two presents for Tyler which I cant seem to find anywhere...UGH!!!!

Of course all of this needs to be accomplished in what...3 days? Yeah, that's gonna happen easily right! Geesh, how do I get myself into these things? Oh yeah, it's the words "sure I can handle it" coming out of my mouth when confronted with situations of this nature...okay, note to self "shut up" when people ask "can you?" or better yet "just say NO" it's got to be the safer way to go!!!

Now, while I'm stressing about what I need to get done, regular life continues to trudge along and while I find things stressful in everyday life, there are those moments when I absolutely love my children more than anything in the world because they keep life so much fun and interesting.

Example...Tiffiany and Tara had their Scottish Dance class today (as they do every Saturday) they love this class and are learning wonderful things, gaining confidence and just enjoying themselves.

So, Tiffiany was just in the middle of the livingroom showing me what she learned today (a new step) and then began explaining how her teacher told them to keep their feet positions correctly...here's the senerio..."pretend you have a penny pinched between your butt cheeks, and you need to squeeze your butt to keep the penny in place...squeezing your butt keeps your posture upright, and feet in sharper correct position as your dancing" okay, so after I fought back the urge to ROFLing, I continued to listen and watch her demonstration of this technique. She literally gets a penny and tries to hold it where it's supposed to be while dancing her steps...the penny of course keeps falling...partly because she's got her loose fitting shorts on and when she moves the shorts move and throw the penny out of place, and partly because she's not "pinching" as much as she should be. Her expression of this happening is "I'll have to work on this to get it right" so you see, they truly are gifts and definitely keep life full and totally funny! I think I'll have to wash that penny now, just incase LOL :)

Have I mentioned I really do need more hours in the day?

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Christmas just around the corner!

Wow, I just cant believe Christmas is in 7 days. How has this happened and time has crept up on me yet again? I have finally finished all my shopping (only a couple of things left to get for Tyler) and considering that this is the latest I've ever been on finishing my shopping I'm extremely thankful to be done for the most part. Of course this doesnt include all the little stocking stuffers I need to get, but that's when I'll be hitting the Dollar Store for those little things and hopefully will find things the kids will like etc...

It's really been a whirlwind kinda month, my birthday was on Monday and while I was hoping to spend this year celebrating as a whole family, sadly Jim's step-mother passed and he had to fly to CA to help his Dad through the loss. I am just sorry the whole family couldnt go, the kids would've loved to have seen their Grandfather (it's been at least 12 yrs since they've seen him and some of the kids have never met him at all) and possibly brought him a little joy in this time of sorrow.

So, my birthday was spent with the children. Charity and Tyler took all the younger ones out on Saturday to go "birthday shopping" for me, and they all got to pick out their present for me. Of course when they got home they all couldnt wait to give me the presents (2 days early) so I got early gifts. They did wonderfully in their shopping and I mopped up in gifts that were both thoughful and useful! Bravo to them!!! On Monday we celebrated with a happy birthday song sung by all the kids (even the boys joined in) along with ice cream cake from Baskin Robbins (my favorite). Jim flew in that night around 11pm, he missed the festivities, but we were estatic to have him home, if only for a night before he had to head back to Camp Johnson for work the next day.

Now we prepare for Christmas. A wonderful treat will happen on Christmas Eve since Jim's oldest son CJ will be flying in to spend the holiday with us. This is going to be such a special Christmas because this is the first time CJ has been here with us all, Jim is just so excited as are the rest of the kids! We all cant wait to see him!

So, while time is ticking along and I'm not completely prepared for the holiday yet, I'm so looking forward to it because this year I feel will be the best yet! How great life is and how blessed we are because we all can be together!