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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Come and Gone...

Well, Christmas has come and gone and to be quite honest I'm always glad when it does. Don't get me wrong I love Christmas more than anything, but to be frank, it's exhausting! The shopping, the running around and making sure each person on the list has equal amounts of goodies. Cooking, cleaning (more than I do on a normal daily basis, which in itself is quite enough believe me) the making sure all goes as planned and is monumentally special for all attending. It just seems every year I'm completely drained and need a vacation just to recover from the holidays.

So here I sit trying to "recover" with my headphones on listening to music and tuning out as much of the "noise" in this house as I possibly can. I've become quite a good "ignorer" as that is the only way I can have peace and quiet some days. Then again I think, what in the world would I do without all the noise and commotion happening here in this house, I know what I'd do, I'd go crazy without it. Lord help me when they all grow up and leave home to live their own lives, I'll probably be a basket case, but then again it might just be nice LOL :)

Today however was the beginning stages of this happening. Jim took Tyler to the Air Force recruiters office. Yes, a Marines son is going to join the Air Force (what is the world coming to?) anyway, he took the practice ASVAB test there and scored okay, but wants to do better, so some studying will be happening before he takes the real thing in a few weeks. He also needs to meet weight, since he's about 20lbs over the limit for his height according to the services. So, the next few weeks should be interesting as his quest to meet weight and study for the ASVAB will begin. He will be entering the delayed entry program until he graduates sometime this summer. So, the process has begun *sigh*

I find myself excited for him and then again saddened because I'm a Mom and that's what we do when our kids begin to really grow up and the fact they will be leaving soon slaps you in the face! I suppose though it was the same for our parents and they lives through it, so there is some hope for me. Of course Jim thinks I'm just a sap, but in the back of my mind I think, he says that now, but lets see his face when our boy is on that bus pulling away heading toward basic training in TX! He wont be so tough then I betcha!!

So, as the New Year approaches, so does changes within our lives. As it always does the changes seem so huge in proportion, but in reality I suppose it's only life and the paths we must go down in order to live it.


Kelli said...

I'm so on your wave length about all of it, Christmas and the kids. Recruit 1 is a senior and interestingly enough will be heading to the same city/state after graduation. Not for the air force, but school and a little growing time before she gets married... Yep, she thinks she's found 'the one'... ACK!!!