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Thursday, December 18, 2008

Christmas just around the corner!

Wow, I just cant believe Christmas is in 7 days. How has this happened and time has crept up on me yet again? I have finally finished all my shopping (only a couple of things left to get for Tyler) and considering that this is the latest I've ever been on finishing my shopping I'm extremely thankful to be done for the most part. Of course this doesnt include all the little stocking stuffers I need to get, but that's when I'll be hitting the Dollar Store for those little things and hopefully will find things the kids will like etc...

It's really been a whirlwind kinda month, my birthday was on Monday and while I was hoping to spend this year celebrating as a whole family, sadly Jim's step-mother passed and he had to fly to CA to help his Dad through the loss. I am just sorry the whole family couldnt go, the kids would've loved to have seen their Grandfather (it's been at least 12 yrs since they've seen him and some of the kids have never met him at all) and possibly brought him a little joy in this time of sorrow.

So, my birthday was spent with the children. Charity and Tyler took all the younger ones out on Saturday to go "birthday shopping" for me, and they all got to pick out their present for me. Of course when they got home they all couldnt wait to give me the presents (2 days early) so I got early gifts. They did wonderfully in their shopping and I mopped up in gifts that were both thoughful and useful! Bravo to them!!! On Monday we celebrated with a happy birthday song sung by all the kids (even the boys joined in) along with ice cream cake from Baskin Robbins (my favorite). Jim flew in that night around 11pm, he missed the festivities, but we were estatic to have him home, if only for a night before he had to head back to Camp Johnson for work the next day.

Now we prepare for Christmas. A wonderful treat will happen on Christmas Eve since Jim's oldest son CJ will be flying in to spend the holiday with us. This is going to be such a special Christmas because this is the first time CJ has been here with us all, Jim is just so excited as are the rest of the kids! We all cant wait to see him!

So, while time is ticking along and I'm not completely prepared for the holiday yet, I'm so looking forward to it because this year I feel will be the best yet! How great life is and how blessed we are because we all can be together!