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Monday, May 28, 2007

To be young again....

Thinking of the past and the "use to be's" is sometimes a hard thing to do, especially when you realize that you've somehow developed into someone you didnt think you'd ever be. Not that I think my life is bad, it isnt by any means...it's just so far from what I pictured in my youth. Then again isnt it always like that? Dont we always end up in very different places than where we intended to go when we were young. I know I did.
I'm happy with my life, proud of my kids and husband....I just want to be more of the person I was when I was young...more confident....more of a dreamer....more positive in my outlook...how does one get to that point, how do you continue to go forward in life but also pulling from the person you were when you were young....is that possible? Can that be achieved....I hope to find a way as I do believe it would literally show the world the "real" me.
As the title says....ahhhhhhhhhhh to be young again.....how I do long for it sometimes.