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Sunday, July 15, 2007

Planning process...

seems to be never ending. Sometimes it gets so overwhelming trying to plan for the next school year when it involves 5 children at the same time. Doing it one by one seems to take forever and high expectations on my part doesnt seem to help.

Just wanting the kids to have the best school year possible is my major goal, keeping them on track in learning and making sure they learn what's needed, especially the older ones since they're in the High School levels. College is just around the corner and there's transcripts to think about, it just tends to get a little crazy.

I think the fact our oldest is now in her Senior year doesnt help, there's so much more to think about for her this year than before. Knowing this is her last year schooling with us and then before we know it she'll be gone off to college. Also trying to make sure everything is in order for her applications, all of our "T's" crossed and "I's" dotted is something I stress over when it comes to her and her future.

I know while I'm writing this and wondering if I'll ever get everything planned and organized before the school year starts for us that the Lord is going to help us work it all out. His guidance is what brought us to our homeschooling decision and it will also be what gets us thru the tough times, the doubtful times, the stressful times and onto another year under our belt with success!

Keeping our prayer life vigilant, keeping the Lord first in our lives, all things will work out according to his plan. So while I spend the never ending hours planning the school year ahead I will keep my eyes upon the Lord and his wisdom and guidance, because without him we are nothing and with him all things are possible!