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Friday, November 21, 2008

Boys and Clothes...

Why oh why is it so hard to keep clothes on a boy? Not only do I have one 4 yr old boy who refuses to wear clothes, I have TWO!

It doesnt matter how cold it is, doesnt matter if we have visitors or not, they feel the need to strip their clothing and run through the house free as a bird! What is this about? I'm honestly at my wits end, especially when it's 25 degrees outside and our house is a bit drafty! I mean come on now, this is getting a little rediculous!

I think what really cracks me up about the whole thing is the crazy wardrobe combinations...no shirt, underwear and socks on hands. Or, underwear and gloves on feet. I must say though, this picture truly represents my all time favorite combo of them all, and look at least he has a shirt on...sort of!


One Krazee Mommy said...

Sorry... no real advice as I still have one, at 11, who does the same thing!!! I just kind of leave him alone about it unless we are going somewhere :)