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Sunday, January 25, 2009

Snow Day!!!!!

SNOW DAY...this is what I heard screamed at the top of all my children's lung on Tuesday morning! It had been snowing for over half the night ya know and here in central NC the white stuff isnt something we see a lot of! Sooooooooooo, the rumbling of little (and big) feet running down the stairs, doors opening, freezing cold air barreling into the house is what woke us up that morning!

Of course after I walked to the coffee pot not caring about anything happening in this house until that first cup of java was in my hand, I did manage to look out the kitchen window at the beauty of almost (at that time 3 inches) of the white stuff covering everything in site and it was still snowing (believe it or not) which amazed me.

The children got Quads (4 wheelers) for Christmas so of course that was one of the first things out of their mouths "MOM...can we go quading in the snow?" my first answer was....dont you think you should eat something and no one steps one foot outta this house until I can actually get some undesturbed pictures of the snow (if I hadnt said any of that they would've barreled out of the house ruining all the beauty of the white blanket).

So, off I went to my room to put on my layers (remember I knew how cold it really was out there since my house was now almost the same temp as it was outside due to open doors letting in all that fridgid air) grab my camera and out the door I went. Here are some of the shots I got outside all alone in the peaceful beauty of a winter wonderland.

So, after I finished my little adventure into the frozen world of the snowfall of 09, I reluctantly let the clan out for some fun in the snow. Boy oh boy did they have fun too, then again have I mentioned that we dont get snow here very often? I thought I did =)

Oh and look...the Dad even got in on the action. This was the beginning of a snowball fight that lasted oh....ALL DAY LONG!!!

and here is the progression of things.....

Yep, even one of my best friends in the world came over to play! Amazing how a little of the white stuff can make everyone become a kid again!

Yeah, I can definitely say that it was a AWESOME SNOW DAY!!!!


One Krazee Mommy said...

Absolutely FABULOUS!!!!! Looks liek EVERYONE had a blast!!!!!!

Kelli said...

First I have to tell you your comment on my blog just made my day! I consider it a grand compliment coming from someone who knows my life but in the Marine Corps, (with a MARINE) and all our beautiful children. Thank you so much for taking the time to do that.

I LOVE your photos! My top two of just the scenery are the first two, the road into the woods and the cabin. The kids of course were fabulous! Great job capturing the joy of the day with the unusual NC snowfall!