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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Will he ever get here?????

Okay, for the last couple of weeks it's been pins and needles in my house! Why you ask? Well, because we've been waiting on a very speical person to arrive...that of course would be our first grandchild "Baby August" as he's so affectionately called by the kiddos!

Now granted, first off before I say anything else, I do realize I'm completely impatient! I know that my daughter is only 3 days past her due date and this baby will come when he's good and ready. That however is not making me feel better! I wanna see him, I wanna hold him and I wanna TAKE PICTURES OF HIM!

Whew, okay I'm over that little rant, I definitely feel better now! Well, maybe not completely better, but better. I do however feel sorry for my daughter, she's so very miserable, anxious, ready for baby to be out, and all the other feelings that describes the thoughts and outlooks that a overdue pregnant person feels.

You know what's really bad, this might just be my fault. I was 10 days late with every one of the kids except the boys and that was only because they were twins and breech, so they did a c-section early due to dilation. I wonder as I sit and watch her miserably exsist if she's inherited that gene that makes babies wanna stay inside forever LOL :) My Mom was 10 days late with all of her kids, so maybe there is some logic to this thought process. Either way it sucks to be overdue, to be waiting and wanting to meet your new little one and nothing happen, you feel as though you'll be pregnant forever and trust me that's not a fun feeling at all!

So, here I sit waiting, which I find ironic considering the thoughts of being a "Nana" (yes, Nana, because I'm not a GRANDMA...I'm way tooooooooo young to be that!) wasnt something I was looking forward to in the sense that it is just one more reminder that my youth is slipping away faster than sand through a sive...wait....did I just say "slipping away".....yeah I guess I should've said "slipped" huh?! Yeah, the mirror never lies, although I wish it would just once!

Hopefully my next post however will have a picture of my new grandbaby....BABY AUGUST!!! Wish us luck!


Kelli said...

ooohhh!!! BABIES!!! I love them! I am excited for you! Can't wait too see the pictures, and yes, I know all too well those days of being overdue, that part is miserable, but the little bundle you end up with is fabulous!!!