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Sunday, August 2, 2009

To Hell In A Hand Basket

Am I the only one that thinks our country is going to hell in a hand basket? I often think that I am. Everyone I know seems to muddle along through life thinking all is as it once was, everything is fine and the state we find our country in will soon be over. The unemployment rate will soon begin to lower, and if that starts happening, well of course that means that jobs are being generated right?! The new healthcare reform will pass through the house and senate and then life will be wonderful because everyone in the country will be covered by the government’s new “health care system”. No one seems to be asking the real questions (well, other than me, my husband and the few friends we have that are willing to give their opinions on it) questions like…who’s going to be paying for this reform plan? How much is the plan going to cost? Questions of this nature, you know the hard questions.

I have a theory; I’m sure an unpopular one with the majority of the population that voted the current president into office, those that have drank the “kool-aid” of the golden election message of “change”. I will have to say one thing though, when Obama spoke about change, he meant it didn’t he?

Of course it’s not the change we all thought he was talking about; you know the message of changing things for the better, making a “good” difference in the country. Instead we’ve gotten change of rising debt (as of Aug 2009 it’s $11,589,703223,031.73 now that’s a hell of a lot of debt), a recession above and beyond what we’ve ever seen before with a deficit to the tune of almost $800 billion and rising (although now since things aren’t getting better as they predicted, it’s all Bushes fault still…just like Democrats, always gotta blame it on someone else….please spare me!)

How about the jobs he said his stimulus package was going to generate? You know, the ones that the White House keeps saying are there, but there’s no record anywhere of them! What’s the unemployment rate up to now? Over 9%, 10% in some states….yeah, those jobs are really working wonders for “the people” aren’t they?!

Change, yes, that’s what we’re getting alright. Let see, he’s changing (or attempting to) the health care system. Not just any health care system, but one of the best working systems in the world. Now, does that mean that our system isn’t without flaws? No, of course not, but what would a democratic country be without flaws, and the chance to change those by the opinion, works and votes of “the people”.

What Obamacare is offering however is something totally different that than, he’s is offering socialism, (or the beginning stages of) and that is unacceptable. Instead Mr. Obama (I have a problem with calling him Mr. President…it’s just how I feel, and since I didn’t vote for him (I voted for the sane candidate) I can bitch all I want about him) wants to have the government take over your healthcare needs. He wants the government to be able to decide whether you live or die, if your life is important enough to save! Yeah, those are exactly the people I want making those decisions….NOT!!!!!

I wonder if anyone other than me has read a current article in the Wall Street Journal about Obamacare. If not I suggest you do so, it’s rather eye opening on the current fiasco with this whole thing. Here’s some examples… “At his news conference last week, he said “Reform is about every American who has ever feared that they may lose their coverage, or lose their job. . . . If we do not reform health care, your premiums and out-of-pocket costs will continue to skyrocket. If we do not act, 14,000 Americans will continue to lose their health insurance every single day. These are the consequences of inaction.”

A Fox News Poll from last week shows that 84% of Americans who have health insurance are happy with their coverage. And because 91% of all Americans have insurance, that means that 76% of all Americans will be concerned about anything that threatens their current coverage. By a 2-1 margin, according to the Fox Poll, Americans want coverage from a private provider rather than the government” – Wall Street Journal article “Obama’s Great Health Scare” by Karl Rove

Oh there’s more….

”Last weekend, the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) demolished Mr. Obama’s claims that his plan cuts the growth of future health spending and won’t add to the deficit. Responding to a White House proposal to create an independent panel to recommend Medicare cuts, the CBO said on Saturday that “The probability is high that no savings would be realized” in the next decade, while entitlement spending would rise $1.042 trillion. The CBO did say there might be $2 billion in savings in the second decade of the program—a pittance.” – Wall Street Journal article “Obama’s Great Health Scare” by Karl Rove

Here’s more of the article –

“The House version of ObamaCare adds to the deficit even though the new taxes to pay for part of it begin two years before the program itself kicks in. That head start puts ObamaCare in the black through 2013. But net new spending after that overwhelms future revenue to add to the deficit each year.

Keith Hennessey, who was a National Economic Council director for George W. Bush, estimates the annual deficits in Mr. Obama’s plan will grow to $64 billion a year by 2019. And this assumes that Mr. Obama gets all the tax increases and Medicare cuts he wants.

On Sunday, the CBO released another torpedo at the burning hull of USS ObamaCare. Responding to an inquiry by Rep. David Camp (R., Mich.) about whether the House bill would run a deficit in its second decade, the CBO reported it would “probably generate substantial increases in federal budget deficits during the decade beyond the current 10-year budget window.” The CBO does not believe that Mr. Obama’s proposal “bends” health-care spending down, as the president has repeatedly claimed it would. The CBO says it escalates above today’s rate.

By 2029, Mr. Hennessey estimates that new taxes will bring in $143 billion a year, while net new health spending will have increased by $348 billion a year.” – Wall Street Journal article “Obama’s Great Health Scare” by Karl Rove

This is the best part to me –

“Team Obama’s pressure, however, might have caused the CBO to release its latest missives on a weekend, when fewer people are paying attention to the news.

Mr. Obama’s problem is that nine out of 10 Americans would likely get worse health care if ObamaCare goes through. Of those who do not have insurance—and who therefore might be better off—approximately one-fifth are illegal aliens, nearly three-fifths make $50,000 or more a year and can afford insurance, and just under a third are probably eligible for Medicaid or other government programs already.

For the slice of the uninsured that is left—perhaps about 2% of all American citizens—Team Obama would dismantle the world’s greatest health-care system. That’s a losing proposition, which is why Mr. Obama is increasingly resorting to fear and misleading claims. It’s all the candidate of hope has left.” – Wall Street Journal article“Obama’s Great Health Scare” by Karl Rove

I personally hope that Karl Rove is right, that the healthcare plan proposed sinks like a burning ship, because if it doesn’t, mark my words. Not only will the first step in socialism have been taken, but by the time Obama is done with his term in office, this country will be resorted down to something none of us will recognize. A country where dictatorship will be the next step, where democracy will be a thing of the past and if that happens, then this is not a country I wish to be part of.

The theory I spoke of earlier…Obama is single handedly trying to restructure this country from the ground up, and in return will destroy it. If we the people don’t do something about it, we will regret it greatly.

So America…wake up and smell the foul odor of what your being fed by this administration, because if you don’t, you will no longer be living in a free society, you will be living in something far worse than you ever could imagine!

To hell in a hand basket people, that’s where we’re headed if we do not stand up and do something now!