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Sunday, July 1, 2007

Independence Day...

A new month as we are now in July and with that comes the celebration of Independence Day. The day our country declared it's "independence" this day means the same to all people of our country, yet means so much more to a certain group of people as well.

The group of people I speak of are all the military families scattered around the world. They are from all different walks of life and are a group of which I belong. To a military family Independence Day is more of a reality than to most people. Most people look at the celebration of this day as celebrating something of the past, to a military family it's a celebration of something that is very much in the present times of their lives because their husbands or wives are literally fighting for the very freedoms of which we declared and fought for so long ago.

Fighting for those same freedoms and more are what our military men and women are doing this very day in far away lands and to them I wish to extend my greatest graditude and prayers that they will all come home safe and sound from their tours of duty.

This year my family will be able to celebrate this day with our service member (my husband & my kids Dad) but we know there will again come a day when he wont be around as duty will call him away, so we are thankful that he's here this year.

So while your celebrating with fireworks and patriotic hymns and songs, please remember in your hearts and minds those who are far away from their families continuing to fight for your right to celebrate such an important day in our country, for without them there would be no celebration!

Happy Independence day from my family to yours!