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Thursday, June 25, 2009

The Big Day has Come and Gone

The wedding was beautiful and while there were a few minor messups (as there always is with weddings) all in all I would say it was their perfect day! For me it was bittersweet seeing my oldest child walk down the aisle, knowing she would be leaving, heading off to her new life as a wife. What's the old saying? "your not loosing a daughter, but gaining a son" well we of course feel that way, but there still is that bit of emotion that wells up inside of you when you go through something like this. Now of course it's time to move on, get back to the daily grind of this life that we lead. I just wanted to pop onto the blog and share with everyone that it happened, it's over and we had a GREAT TIME! Here's a few shots of the big day and the new Lcpl. & Mrs. Mark Alm! Wow, gotta get used to that new name :)


One Krazee Mommy said...

aaaaaawwwwwwwwwweeeeeeee!!! What a beautiful bride!!! I am so happy for them! And, congratulations... you survived!

Kelli said...

I ditto the congrats on surviving! Just think one down! I was thinking about what size how we need to retire in for Christmas and other holidays once our kids start their own families. What do you think about a separate out building like a rancher's bunk house we can close up and not heat and cool? up front cost but on the back side, might save some money and provide a 'resort' at the Grandparents... You may need to start building yours now!!!