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Thursday, June 11, 2009

Mother of the Bride & Wedding Photographer...

Well, here it is June and Charity gets married in 9 days...gosh...I'm getting so old! I dont shoot weddings (it's just not my cup of tea) but Charity has asked me to shoot hers, so of course I couldnt refuse! So, now not only am I the planner of this wedding (remember my last entry about not being a planner?!) but am now the wedding photographer too, not to mention the "Mother of the Bride" and by the end of it there will probably be tons of other titles I'll have attached.

All that aside however, it is a honor that my daughter would want no one else to shoot her wedding but me. That makes me feel good! What I really fear however is this will become a trend. As we all know I have 3 more girls coming up and am really hoping they dont "ask" me to shoot all their weddings because being a Mom who loves all her children the same, I will of course never refuse that request. Can we all say STRESS?!

Anyway, so here I am the "wedding photographer" and in true fashion I put on my photographer hat and did Charity's bridal session. Being her Mom of course I want her to have all the important pictures that goes along with a professional wedding package and a bridal session is a must!

Off we went to get a trial run of her hair do for the big day and it turned out gorgeous, she really liked it and luckily one of my best friends is a hair dresser, so we got the trial run for free! Free is always a good thing, but I'm getting off track here! So, I took this opportunity to go ahead and do the bridal session. With hair done and dress and accessories in place we headed off to a beautiful plantation house here in the county we live. In true southern fashion we did shots at that house! I really think the images turned out great.

So in true "Mommy bragging" fashion, I thought I'd share some of the images from the session of my gorgeous daughter in her wedding dress. This is about the only place I can post these images for now because my future son in law has access to everywhere else I post pictures, he doesnt know about my blog, so this way he wont see her dress or how gorgeous she's gonna look on their wedding day!


Kelli said...

Beautiful!! Enjoy as much as you can around the million and one things you have to do. Wonderful shots, however, the subject looks beautiful, so you can't lose!

One Krazee Mommy said...

Della, she looks absolutely beautiful! I am soo sorry it didn't work out for me to come and photograph her wedding! Just breathe... and try to enjoy the day!