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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

It's a Marathon, not a Sprint!

So, here we are in the final week before the wedding. Also known as "the week of hell" according to Jim. I always love Jim's little nicknames for stressful events, he's so, oh how shall I say this....MARINE! So, yes, here we are in the week of hell, running all over the place for last minute things for the wedding. The stressers of meeting the new inlaws and hoping everything associated with this wedding turns out just as planned without anything going wrong. So, for future reference I am here and now demanding that Murphy stays far, far away from us on Saturday!!!!

I wonder if other Mother of the Brides feel the pressure and stress of their daughters wedding day, or if it's just the lovely honor that's been bestowed upon my shoulders since I'm the planner etc... (we wont go into that since I've already blogged my feelings on that one) What's really funny is I seem to be more stressed than the Bride...now, what's wrong with this picture?

Today is the day that really starts the whole event, my stepson flys in this morning, then Charity's best friend and Maid of Honor flys in tonight. We have tuxes to get for the boys, hair to figure out for the girls, family from all over coming in and of course then the day to day duties I have just as a Mom. If I make it through this event sane and without killing someone I'll be doing wonderfully and will consider it all a success!

You know, what's really funny is I havent even let the fact my baby is getting married get to me yet. I'm wondering if it will only hit me as I watch her walk down the aisle looking gorgeous on her Dad's arm, or will it be when she says those words "I do" to her future husband, or will it only hit me after everything is over and I realize she's really grown up, leaving us to start her own life and family.

With all that aside, I'm just trying to take this one minute at a time, one day at a time, that's pretty much all I can do. I've also made a mental note to myself....remember....it's a marathon, not a sprint!